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Concerns Overview

The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC), KU School of Medicine-Wichita, and its affiliated hospitals take the ACGME duty hour requirements seriously and expect that all programs will adhere to these requirements. This website offers a confidential forum for residents to voice concerns about duty hours, program conduct, or other issues that need to be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education or the GMEC. When a concern is received, it is handled in the following manner:

  1. Concerns will be investigated by the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education. Anonymous concerns will not be investigated; written and signed concerns will be investigated confidentially without revealing the identity of the person who submitted the concern. It is recognized that confidentiality is limited in programs with small numbers of residents.
  2. The Program Director will be notified of the concern without revealing the name of the resident submitting the concern, unless that resident has stated in writing that it is permissible to reveal his or her identity. The Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education will investigate the concern through contact with the Program Director, faculty, other residents, and other staff as appropriate. Review of resident time cards may also occur in the case of a duty-hour concern. After investigating the concern, the following steps may occur:
    • If the program is in compliance with ACGME requirements, stated program and WCGME policies, and if the program is not engaging in prejudicial, harassing, or unlawful behavior, no further action will be taken.
    • If the program is in violation of the above requirements and policies or is otherwise operating in an unfair, discriminatory, or unlawful manner, the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education will work with both the Program Director, other Residents, and/or the GMEC to resolve the situation.
  3. After the appropriate steps are taken, the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education will inform the person who submitted the concern about actions taken.

Documents and notes related to the concern will be maintained separately from either the resident's file or the program's file.

To submit a concern, please fill out a "Confidential Concern Form" and click on the Submit button.

Confidential Concern Form

Last modified: Aug 30, 2018