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Medical Students

Rotations and Courses

Elective rotations and sub-internships in anesthesiology are available for fourth-year allopathic and osteopathic medical students. The one-month elective rotations involve an exposure to the full gamut of clinical anesthesiology as well as a 15-session introductory didactic course in anesthesiology. A sub-intern will add participation in research to an advanced clinical anesthesia rotation. Students from the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine may enroll in anesthesiology electives as per the usual process. Other allopathic and osteopathic students must meet certain requirements as detailed below:

Allopathic Students

Allopathic students must be credentialed through KUSM-W Academic and Student Affairs. These students will be considered "KUSM-W students" and will need to meet all health record requirements and background checks that are required for KU students. (These requirements have usually already been met by your school.) Visiting medical students also must read and sign a Statement of Responsibility and a Protected Health Information Confidentiality and Security Agreement. More details and applications for rotations may be obtained through KUSM-W Academic and Student Affairs at 316-293-2603.

Osteopathic Students

Osteopathic students seeking anesthesiology rotations in our department are credentialed through the Via Christi Medical Education Office, 316-858-3531, which coordinates anesthesiology rotations with the Wesley Medical Center Medical Education Office. An AOA Medical Student Affiliation Agreement between your Osteopathic School and our major teaching hospitals (Via Christi and Wesley) must be fully executed and on file before a rotation may be offered. Osteopathic students requesting rotations must complete an "Application for Visiting Medical Student Rotation." In addition to these documents, before a rotation may be started, the Via Christi Medical Education Office must have received and verified (1) the student's signed "Statement of Responsibility" and "Protected Health Information Confidentiality and Security Agreement", (2) proof of malpractice insurance coverage, (3) health record verification, and (4) a letter from the visiting student's medical school, with an attestation that there was no adverse information found in the medical student's background check.

Last modified: Sep 20, 2018
Anesthesiology Contact

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