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Most KU School of Medicine-Wichita revenue is managed through the PeopleSoft financial system. Wichita service centers enter billing data and PeopleSoft generates customer invoices.

How payments are received:

  • Customers paying with state or grants funds are billed internally, resulting in a transfer of funds from the department account to the service center revenue account.
  • Customers paying with any other type of funds receive invoices and send the check to KUMC Control and Reporting to be deposited into the service center revenue account.


  • Checks addressed to WCGME, MPA, Alumni Association or KUEA (each entity has its own accounts receivable department)
  • Cash sales, defined as sales that occur from walk-in customers in the department or non-invoiced cash/checks, will be handled by the department
  • Credit card revenue will be handled by the receiving department

If a department receives a check and is unsure of where it should go, they should contact AFS for further instructions.

Last modified: Sep 26, 2018
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