KUEA Purchasing

In May, 2006, the University of Kansas Endowment Association implemented a new fund accouting system, IFAS, with the following revisions:

  • Eight digit fund numbers were converted to five digit account numbers
  • Department accounts were assigned to Academic Units and the department chairs/managers were granted primary Fund Account Representative (FAR) authority/responsibilities
  • The Wichita Dean retained primary FAR authority/responsibility, including investment rights, on KUSM-W accounts
  • The Wichita Dean, Associate Dean of Administration, and Assistant Dean for Finance, were granted secondary FAR authority/responsibility on all accounts assigned an academic unit
  • Financial reports can be viewed and printed by FAR designated individuals with access to IFAS
  • AFS will periodically review as oversight, all KUSM-W funds
  • Primary and secondary FARs will comply with all KUEA policies and guidelines. To maintain the rights of FAR, departments will establish and maintain sound internal fiscal control procedures. For assistance in setting up your control procedures, please contact Administrative & Financial Services.

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Last modified: Aug 01, 2014