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ADHD Summer Treatment Program

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ADHD Summer Treatment Program

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The 2020 Summer Treatment Program has been postponed to Summer 2021.
Details coming in late 2020.

About the Summer Treatment Program

The Summer Treatment Program offers something more than medication to help improve behavior in children with ADHD. KU Summer Treatment Program is a seven-week, therapeutic day camp designed for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related problems. The program is an award-winning comprehensive treatment that is tailored to each child's behavioral, emotional and learning difficulties. The Summer Treatment Program will help to develop the child's problem solving and social skills, and help the child gain the social awareness necessary to enable him or her to get along better with other children. The camp will develop the child's abilities to follow through with instructions and complete tasks. The Summer Treatment Program will also improve the child's learning skills and academic performance, as well as the child's self-esteem, and it will help to teach parents how to develop, reinforce and maintain these positive changes.

For kids

Children have the opportunity to build friendships, improve athletic skills and maintain academic skills through the summer. While the Summer Treatment Program is highly structured and emphasizes treatment, most children enjoy the program tremendously, as they would any summer camp. 

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For parents

Parents will attend weekly evening meetings to discuss ADHD treatments and learn the tools to extend the gains from the Summer Treatment Program to the child's natural environment. The sessions help parents work with their children to change unacceptable behavior at home, reduce noncompliant and disruptive behaviors, improve home task skills, and improve relationships with parents and siblings.

KU STP is based on the nationally recognized program founded by William E. Pelham Jr.


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Who is eligible?

Children ages 6-10 are eligible to participate in the program, with enrollment limited to those who meet certain criteria. Referrals can be made by school personnel, mental health professionals, physicians or parents.

What does a typical day at STP look like?

Each group spends two hours daily in academic programs conducted by special educators. These specialists carry out behavior modification programs designed to treat children's problems in a classroom context. The remainder of each day consists of recreational group activities that implement a variety of treatment components.

What is the cost?

The cost of this seven-week intensive treatment program is $4,000, and a $200 deposit is required to hold your child's spot in the Summer Treatment Program. During the program, children will receive more than 280 hours of intensive behavioral treatment. For more details, call 316-293-2691.

Our team

KU's Summer Treatment Program is led by Dr. Nicole Klaus, a board certified child and adolescent psychologist with more than 12 years of experience treating children with ADHD. The program is implemented by a team of highly trained undergraduate behavior therapists, graduate students in psychology and educational specialists. In general, there are five staff members for every group of 12-14 children. Doctoral-level psychologists supervise all aspects of the program to ensure high quality, individualized behavioral intervention for your child. The Summer Treatment Program uses only treatments that have been well documented and shown to be effective through research. Additionally, our program staff continues to carefully evaluate treatment effectiveness, both at the individual level and for the program as a whole.

Nicole Klaus, Ph.D.
Nicole Klaus, Ph.D., ABPP
STP Director

Kirsten Engel, Ph.D.
Kirsten Engel, Ph.D.     
STP Director

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Last modified: Apr 14, 2020

Contact us

  • Call 316-293-2691 for more information about the KU Summer Treatment Program.
  • See the program brochure (PDF)